SES 42: Implementation of SAP in Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is developing and growing all over the globe and fashion is becoming one of the leading industries today. All businesses in this sector try to keep up with the latest trends to be top-notch in the market to make build their brand more and more.

What’s exactly fashion industry? The fashion industry is the combination of the modern times and fashion trends in order to keep updated with today’s fashion. This industry in particular is changing and flourishing drastically. Thus, the designers and creatives have to be constantly on their toes to produce latest high-quality products that their customers will like and buy. This industry is actually a multi-billion dollar business and is devoted to meet customer needs whether it is producing raw materials, manufacturing of fashion goods by designers and retail sales.

In order to grow continuously to build a stronger brand tomorrow and produce more fashion statements globally, many businesses these day are implementing SAP to understand fashion solutions using SAP to serve clients and customers. With SAP Intelligent Solution, brands get a real-time view of their inventories and can drive their customer interactions across many platforms. 70% of the apparel companies have implemented and run SAP solutions for merchandising intelligence and planning. From procurement to supply management, and to invoice payable, fashion brands are becoming smart and intelligent enterprises to compete in this digital world, thereby experimenting services for their customer base.

SAP S/4HANA comes into picture for Fashion Solutions

That’s right! Fashion brands use SAP S/4HANA and are moving to S/4HANA, to manage their businesses in lesser time than before to get higher efficiency and better product delivery. Getting in touch with your potential customers is also important. So, major fashion companies are customer-driven and engage with their customers to present their products so that the customer keeps coming back for more purchases in the future.

SAP software, precisely ERP software is better than any other tool in the world today. Any industry, any sector, any field – you name it, and SAP has conquered it all with all the add-ons, software features and customer-focused platform not only makes doing business easy but also makes is user-friendly for everyone in the business team. A huge number of retailer brands are expanding their businesses by improving customer experiences leading the fashion game to become #1 brands in this digital era. Not just inventory and merchandising, but SAP’s smart solutions give detailed insights on social media analytics and customer purchase patterns. This helps brands to predict what the customer will like and what he’ll need in the future, to deliver the right quality products by crushing their upcoming sales.

Apart from Analytics, Human Resources and IoT simplify major HR processes and IoT applications to get in touch with customers better to make their brands stronger and smarter than others.

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