SES 40: Top 5 Online Marketing Hacks

Majorly, all the firms and companies are already using traditional marketing strategies for their businesses for the purposes like manufacturing, product selling, advertising, etc. In order to sustain in this business and in the market, many spend thousands of dollars in hiring marketing talent. Thus, marketing plays an important role in every business, irrespective of their revenue, size and nature of business. We all have heard different definitions of Marketing.

To put it in a simple way, I define Marketing as a phenomena or a process to convince a customer or a consumer to buy or purchase a product or service offered in the market, keeping in mind what the customer wants and making sure that your services or products solve the issue or meet their expectations. Not always does the customer buys the product right away. Sometimes, he doesn’t even buy it at all. But, with good marketing and the right set of strategies, everything is possible and achievable.

Some of the key advantages an Online Marketer can have, are:

  • Advanced Communication
  • Competitive Benefit
  • Potential Growth
  • Improved Customer Service

Let’s dive into my top 5 Online Marketing Hacks –

  • Get your Data on Point: Customers look for satisfaction. And they come back for more business in the near future, if they know you’ve all the required data and insights to serve them when needed, so that they have a great experience. You may also want to keep a check on the behavior of your target market. I’d personally recommend you to do the homework! The study of data analysis and survey charts on consumers and customers, may sound little vague and boring initially. But it becomes one of the key points leading to a successful business. Knowing what the customer needs, what he thinks, what he says about your services to others, his behavioral pattern in terms of purchasing products, say a lot about your success. So, if you get as much as data as you can, you’re making sure that the business won’t fail, as customers keep coming back to those users or individual marketers, who listen to them and remember their needs and opinions for future use too! This way, you build a strong relationship with the customer. Taking a look at the competitor’s flowchart can be helpful too. If there’s someone in your niche, generating loads of money every month, from selling his/her own product, or even from affiliate one, check out their game plan and their strategies. You can implement the same strategy in your data analysis and business, because it has already proven to work for them!
  • Know Your Customer’s Needs: For good marketing, it is damn important to understand what the customer requires and what he needs. During in-person business interaction, or video conferencing or during a phone call, make sure you understand what does the customer need and what solution can solve his problem. If the customer has bought your product, or someone else’s product that you’re selling/marketing, make it a habit to ask them why they bought it. Ask the customer time and again, if they’re happy with the quality of the product being delivered to them. Keep a note on the customer’s opinion on the price or rate of your product. Knowing your customer is like knowing the person you’re on a date with. If you spend less time speaking to the person getting to know them, then the probability of you going out with them on a second date is pretty less! The same applies to the customer engagements. Thus, it is important to know your target customers and their needs.
  • Choose Your Niche Wisely: Every niche isn’t limited to one or two things; it can go way beyond its definition, in some cases. And as you go deeper into a niche, you’ll be able to build potential for response and engagement during your campaign period. The decision of starting an online business comes with a lot of responsibilities and check points. And choosing the right kind of niche is one of them. Choosing a niche for your online business is almost like taking a strategic place in the market. For example, you’re passionate about cooking and stuff. Then, it will be of no use to start an online business in some niche. Although you can make it work too, but studies show that the niche works perfectly with one’s passion or interests. So, the main objective of your business should be in line with cooking, like offering online free or paid cooking classes or courses. You can even promote your live webinars on how to make cupcakes or a pancake.
  • Start or Run your Blog: No matter what your niche is, no matter what your budget is, it’s advisable to write a blog on the same. These days, you’ll find number of online marketers and content developers monetizing their blogs or websites. And trust me, it is a smart move as it keeps your business on check. There’s a huge need for the good content on the internet. Many tech companies hire content developers to create great content for their website. Passionate and knowledgeable people, have started their businesses from teaching online courses. Creating a blog or a website, writing posts or articles and maintaining it sounds like time-consuming and tedious thing. But, long-term this habit of continuous blogging, will pay off everything. Blogging is the prime part of the online marketing hack. Many people ignore it at first, but then eventually have to start blogging for their businesses. If you’re running a supreme MNC, or small startup, or even just thinking to start one in near future, I suggest you better start blogging now. Because 3-4 years from now, you’ll be glad that you started blogging and that maintained one.
  • Join Affiliate or Partner Programs: Did you know that affiliate marketing is kind of an online job with time flexibility as per your convenience? An Affiliate is a person who sells other people’s products and makes commission with every sale that he/she generates. You drive traffic/viewers to the sales page of the product and when someone who you drove to the sales page buys the product, you get a commission. It’s that simple! Affiliate marketing is the profitable way to do business and generate loads of income online. There are many websites and blogs out there that inspire millions of people all around the world to help them make their commissions from affiliate marketing. Many online blogs provide the greats ways to earn passive income via affiliate marketing. Once you have your blog finished, you can get started with affiliate marketing right away. Pick an affiliate product or service as per your niche that you wish to advertise or market. Your blog should be written in a way that it revolves around the marketed product or service, to drive traffic to your affiliate blog post. Take help from email marketing services to reach targeted customers (you can use any of the email marketing tools discussed in the previous chapters). Develop automated-emails to drive sales funnels for your affiliate products and services. Automated-emails also save up much time, so that you can focus on other stuff. Once you hit the target market and are able to reach buyers on one-on-one basis, repeat the process.

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