SES 38: Human Resources 101 with SAP Expert Solutions

The employees are the biggest assets of a company. And so is the Human Resources in any firm. Human Resources is little difficult and complex than it seems. Besides distributing monthly salaries and benefits to the employees, the HR has many other roles to play, like recruitment, safety of employees, management performance, employee wellness, communication throughout the firm, and assistance to the management.

Not just these physical attributes, but HR plays a vital role in betterment of the company, in terms of settling issues with employees and maintaining good work culture and sound environment at the work space.

Do you know the secret behind a strong business?

Well, it’s the people who uplift any business and turn it into a strong and successful one. Every small-scale business should have if not all, then at least these files of their employees. HR should have information like general data and medical data of employees and work authorization letters of each employee. If required for your business, HR should have security policies and non-disclosure agreements dully signed by your employees. This is not necessary for every business. Other crucial details like vacation, leaves, employee termination and promotion, referral bonuses, work ethics and legal terms are bound to be present at any point of time in the Human Resources of a business. A business’s policy may differ from the country’s law.

Importance of Human Resources in a firm

So by now, we know that having an in-house human resource department is of great importance. Now, let’s dive into the key benefits of having human resources in a firm:

  • Talent Acquisition/Recruitment: The HR gives suggestions required and communicates with the staff for hiring making sure that the right candidates are hired for the roles, who will work their full potential in the firm. HR also encourages and motivates the hired employees regularly for their efforts.
  • Disputes Control: The problems and issues are inevitable in life. The HR plays a mediator in such situations to sort out the disputes between employees and employers. They are responsible to take actions over such disputes to control and prevent them from happening in the future.
  • Employee Satisfaction: HR department designs surveys and group activities to understand employee satisfaction and keep a check of issues causing their dissatisfaction at work
  • Public Relations Maintenance: Good public relations of a business depend solely on the Human Resources department since they’re responsible in conducting client meetings or business meetings, press or media gathering for the business to build connections and network with prospect clients in the market. Thus, HR team plays crucial role in creating and regulating business plans for the business.

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