SES 36: All about Mindfulness in Career

Your work takes most of your time in a day. Sometimes, almost the entire day. Isn’t it? Ever thought all the stress you get from work is because of the lack of satisfaction and hence, your mental and physical health is affected. Depressed? Anxious? Frustrated? Or unable to enjoy your weekend with family? I get it, I feel it too at times.

Work stress is mainly caused by dissatisfaction at work where you spend most hours of your day. What’s shocking is, some people do know they’re stressed at work but don’t know the cause. In some cases, your effort is not given recognition and appreciated which takes a toll on your mental health too. People who are mindful and aware of the burnout and stress in office or workplace, are comparatively less stressed and have a healthy life too.

Ever asked yourself how would you feel content and satisfied from your work, especially when you put in these many hours every day? Well, I’ve been there too. And honestly, there are just two ways – you either find joy in your work that you don’t really like or choose a career or job that like and feel passionate about. The latter is bit easy because you know what you’re passionate about. But trying to find peace and passion in a job that you don’t like is the toughest thing. There’s a big percentage of working professionals who don’t like their jobs, yet work and earn a living, since now they have somehow found the joy.

How do you know if you’ve chosen the right career for yourself? How do you know if you’ll be happy with your job in 10 years? Do you too question yourself? Work-wise, the biggest joy isn’t the salary but the career switch where you’re satisfied. This career switch doesn’t happen just like that, it may take some time, once you find the right career for yourself. Many of us are stuck and confused with our mundane jobs. But, keep this list of checkpoints in your top priority list and you’ll know if you’re ready to make that career switch.

  • List our all your options (jobs and opportunities that you’re passionate about and would like to work)
  • Look for a mentor or a guide who could help (to understand your options and help for a switch)
  • Match your interests with the job description (find out your interests, hobbies and knowledge and then check if it’s profitable in terms of a full-time career).

Switching careers isn’t easy as it isn’t realistic. A dissatisfying and mundane job will only make you stressed and burnout at a young age, eventually disturbing your mental health. Finding balance at work is equally important. So, always make sure to enjoy your weekends or your free time with your family, closed ones. Making a stressed and boring job an exciting and dream job is also not unreal, since it is all possible. It only takes some time and research before taking any step towards your goal or work to end up with satisfying job where you’re happy!

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