SES 33: Online Marketing HACKS

Majorly, all the firms and companies are already using traditional marketing strategies for their businesses for the purposes like manufacturing, product selling, advertising, etc. In order to sustain in this business and in the market, many spend thousands of dollars in hiring marketing talent. Thus, marketing plays an important role in every business, irrespective of their revenue, size and nature of business. We all have heard different definitions of Marketing.

I started this project 6 months after launching my Digital Enterprise, SAP Expert Solutions. I wanted to create and write something beneficial and amazing for everyone. This book will give you all the successful and proven hacks of online marketing. It shows you various marketing strategies for digital market with examples. It gives you the power of Online Marketing and how you can transform your business with the help of these hacks. I developed this book to be used as a companion and a smart guide if you’re a marketer or interested in online marketing. This book will give you all the essential ingredients to help you become successful in Online Marketing. I started this project about a few months ago and it took me quite some time to upgrade my skills and knowledge before penning down my thoughts. Although, I turned this project around and finished writing in a finite amount of time at a much later stage, because I’ve had a few helping hands, that made this book amazing!

The main focus of this book is the hacks and strategies of Online Marketing for every online business. This book is in-line with the latest technologies and latest marketing tools and platforms used by millennials today and is developed with the aim of helping each entrepreneur all around the world. The hacks that I’ve discussed in this book are of utmost importance for each kind of business, irrespective of the type and nature. I hope this smart guide/book provides you with the enough knowledge so that you implement those hacks in your business and make the most of it!

You can use this book as a guide while working or even studying. Jump over to any page, to any particular strategy and implement it in your business and start seeing results. Refer this book to understand the hacks and strategies of online marketing. This book is available in physical form and its Kindle (digital) version is available on Amazon. I created this Kindle E-book, so that you refer and use it straight from your tablet or smart phones. If you haven’t got the physical version of the book yet, I highly recommend you getting one, so that you have a copy on your coffee table and the Kindle Version as well with you all the time on all your smart devices. My goal was to write a book that could be used every day for any business.

If you visit my house, specially my room, you’ll be stunned. You’ll think you’ve landed at a library. I have huge piles of books on various versatile topics ranging from Online Business to Marketing Strategies, to Business Guides, to Entrepreneurship, to even Fiction!

Today in this age, anything and everything can be solved with the help of marketing. And to do great marketing, you don’t have to be a pro at it. Just be a learner. Like I always say, Keep Learning and Keep Evolving! Whatever you do in life both on professional and personal levels, any problem you face, maybe at school or at work or even at home, it is only because of poor marketing. I’m a firm believer of learning. If you believe in learning, irrespective of your age, language and location, then you’ll be successful. I’ve always been a learner and this habit of mine has helped me shape who I am today. It’s funny that majority of people still don’t know the power of good marketing. Those who know, have mastered it already and have taken their businesses to a whole new level altogether. Stuck with a math problem? Or with an HTML code of your site? Or facing issues selling products online? Or having difficulty with promotion of a product? The answer to all the problems, is – GREAT MARKETING.

My Amazon Kindle E-book, Online Marketing HACKS is up for grabs. If you’re looking for great marketing strategies and tools to up your business game, grab yourself a copy for FREE! I’m giving away Amazon Kindle copies to everyone who are interested in growing their business or are thinking to start one in near future. Download the FREE E-book before the offer ends.

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