SES 29: Configuring HTML5 Application Security

The application content in HTML5 is static. If users wish to get their hands dirty on the code or program, then they can know what’s happening behind the scenes like the loopholes in security, etc.

You should make sure that you lock down access to useful and confidential resources. Firstly, find out who is the user (authentication) and then make sure that he is assigned to access only a specific resource (authorization). Thus, you can ensure that only authorized users get access to HTML5 content and informational resources.

Thus, these types of security checks are configured in application descriptor file. To give access to your users, you should map such security features to the roles to be assigned to users, which can be done by following steps:

  • Log into SAP HCP cockpit and go to target HTML5 applications dashboard.
  • Then navigate to the ROLES tab.
  • On the ROLES tab, define new role and assign them to your new users.
  • Click on NEW ROLE, to create a new role. There, you require the role’s name and hit SAVE.
  • Once the role is defined, map application constraints to that role by taking back over to HTML5 APPLICATION DASHBOARD tab and editing permissions.
  • This is usually achieved by choosing right role in ASSIGNED ROLE column for target record.
  • Once permission is mapped to the right role, users can be granted access to those roles with user accounts or user groups.

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