SES 26: Developing HTML5 Applications

The HTML5 model is a lightweight model used by developers and programmers to make HTML5 applications, which contain client-side HTML5 resources like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Let’s take a look at the schematic to understand HTML5 application model.

The schematic shows the primary elements that make up HTML5 application model. During design time, developers build and regulate HTML5 applications in the SAP HCP Cockpit. When a new HTML5 application is built, a Git Repository is built too behind the screen, which is used by developers to upload resource files for the application. The main function of a dispatcher is to pull up the HTML5 application contents from it’s respective Git Repository and send it back to the client. If the HTML5 application completely relies on REST-based services, then these calls are brokered using dispatcher service.

How to define a new HTML5 application?

By now, we know that SAP HTML5 applications are managed in SAP HCP Cockpit. Click on HTML5 APPLICATIONS tab from the main landing page, to access the SAP management console. This will then lead to a panel of table consisting of SAP HTML5 applications built in your account. Within this table, you’ll find the controls provided to drill into the application definitions.

To build a new HTML5 application, click on NEW APPLICATION button on the table’s toolbar and assign a name to your HTML5 application when a popup shows up. Then, hit CREATE to create your application. Once the application is built, it’s time to access the Git Repository, which can be done if you drill into application definitions. Click on the NAME column of the HTML5 applications table, to access the repository, clicking which you’ll see HTML5 application dashboard screen consisting of the general overview of the application state. Navigate to the DEVELOPMENT tab in the dashboard, from where you’ll find the Git Repository URL in the source location. It’s better to copy this URL into your dashboard since you’ll need it for cloning during development stage.

You can start the application development once you have your hands on the HTML5 application’s Git Repository URL.

Access SAP Web IDE

SAP Web IDE is available for an SAP HCP account upon subscription. The subscriptions are used to allow access to applications hosted by SAP HCP provider account. The subscribed application can be obtained within SAP HCP Cockpit simply by clicking on Subscriptions tab. This will open HTML5 SUBSCRIPTION DASHBOARD screen, from where you can launch SAP Web IDE by clicking on the application URL.

Another way to launch SAP Web IDE is directly by plugging the application URL in a browser window.

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