SES 21: Implementing SAP Fiori Analytical Apps

The Analytical Apps of SAP Fiori are the new user experience for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and are developed using SAPUI5. These type of apps allow real-time insights into your business by displaying KPIs, allowing you to make better and faster decisions. Under Analyical Umbrella, there are two types of apps:

  1. Analytical Apps (non-smart apps): They provide real-time data on large volumes of data.
  2. Analytical Apps designed using SAP Smart Business Modeler: They closely regulate and monitor important KPIs. SAP Smart Business Apps are analytical apps that offer drilldown capabilities under SAP framework.

What are OPI and KPI?

Both OPIs and KPIs define vital metrics of an aspect of your business from different perspectives that are crucial to your business success. KPIs look at broad categories like Sales of a specific region, whereas OPIs focus on a specific measure of a specific function or operation.

Benefits & Features of Analytical Apps designed using SAP Smart Business Modeler (smart-apps)

  • They provide end-to-end insight into action scenarios including forecasting and simulation.
  • You can create a drilldown from one application to another, or to an SAP Lumira keyboard or to an SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Application.
  • They provide role-based access to all data like specific tasks, KPIs, OPIs, news feeds, trends and alerts.
  • You can create your own KPI with the threshold values and color-coded visualizations.

Analytical Apps with SAP Smart Business Modeler

This is a tool delivered as part of the SAP Smart Business Suite, that allows you to model KPIs and report tiles that enable targeted monitoring of key business data using SAP Fiori Launchpad. You can define KPIs and reports in the SAP Smart Business Modeler to which you can apply different evaluations so that you can respond to ever-changing business landscape. You can even add additional perspectives with relevant information/data with drilldown views that are accessible to KPI tile. Analytical Apps using SAP Smart Business Modeler are launched using KPI tiles.

Create KPI

This can be done by following steps:

  • Log into the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
  • Click on CREATE KPI app under the KPI MODELER group.
  • On the next screen, fill in all the details on KPI like ID, TYPE, TITLE, DESCRIPTION, GOAL TYPE, OWNER NAME, OWNER ID & EMAIL and TAGS.
  • Scroll down to next screen and select all required values by clicking on the icon (SAP HANA View, OData Service, Entity Set, Value Measure, Additional Information & Semantic Action).
  • Once the fields are filled completely, click on ACTIVATE and ADD EVALUATION.

Create Evaluations of KPI

An evaluation is basically, information about the KPI or report that is visible to users at the run-time. It’s a combination of thresholds, parameters, variants, filters, authorizations that are applied to a KPI or a report. You can create evaluations for KPIs and OPIs.

Now, let’s see the steps to create Evaluations of KPIs:

  • Enter values in PARAMETERS section and scroll down.
  • Verify DATA SOURCE fields. Here, you’ll have additional features like Scaling Factor and Decimal Precision.
  • All values or parameters that are configured in tiles, tables and drilldowns for all measures of selected evaluation are formatted by DECIMAL PRECISION.
  • Add variants. A variant is a set of filter settings and input data that the user defines to achieve a particular perspective on a KPI or report.
  • Scroll down to INPUT PARAMETERS AND FILTERS section. Add expected input parameters in the calculation view.
  • Now, add TARGET, THRESHOLDS and TREND values. The THRESHOLDS defined for KPI evaluation are determined by GOAL TYPE you select for KPI.

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