SES 18: Database Management Concepts

Alright, so we know that the Database instances in the cloud are protected by a network firewall, for security reasons. This firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data from outside world. SAP HCP makes it possible to establish secure database tunnels so that you can connect to remote database instances using familiar database tools provided in Eclipse and SAP HANA Studio.

If target database schema is running on SAP HANA database, the best way to connect to the instance is to use SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION CONSOLE perspective of SAP HANA Studio, to create a cloud system connection.

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SAP MaxDB and SAP HANA database drivers must be installed on your local machine in order to proceed further with programming. The drivers are packaged with the client tools associated with these databases and can be downloaded from SAP Service Marketplace, if required.

Running SQL Traces

Whether you implement persistence scenarios using JPA or JDBC, the output from a runtime perspective is that a series of SQL commands will be issued against database instances, your Java applications are bound to!

Performance of these SQL commands at runtime may not be what you expect. Let’s say, a query that does well in a development environment might end up running poorly in production if the size of the target table grows exponentially. So, it is important to be able to trace the performance of SQL commands so that you can identify clearly performance bottlenecks.

One of the best things about SQL trace is that you can turn it on for any application about which you know nothing. It would be helpful when you are troubleshooting third-party applications about which you know nothing.

Defining a Local Testing Environment using Apache Derby

Wondering now what is Derby? Well, Apache Derby is a light-weight, open source RDBMS written using only Java. It’s embedded by default in SAP HCP local runtime environment, so you don’t need to install it. If your application scenario is simple and you only use default data source for persistence, then Apache Derby can be used out of the box. But, if you plan on testing with multiple data sources, then additional configuration is required.

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