SES 12: Working with SAP HANA Web-Based Development Workbench

It is important to know that Eclipse is not the only game in town when it comes to native SAP HANA development. SAP provides web-based development workbench, that can be used to directly access all edit development objects within a remote SAP HANA Repository. Unlike the Eclipse IDE, SAP HANA web-based Development Workbench requires no installation. To launch the tool, open up the workbench URL in the browser. You can find the workbench URL on SAP HANA Instances tab in the SAP HCP cockpit.

When working with web-based development workbench, the best feature is that you don’t have to sync-up the changes with your SAP HANA Repository. This happens because workbench maintains a live connection with SAP HAAN repository itself.

SAP has indicated that it will expand the feature of web-based tool set over time so that there is parity between web-based development workbench and Eclipse IDE.

Creating SAP HANA XS Project in Eclipse

The procedure to set up a new SAP HANA XS project is as follows:

  • Open SAP HANA DEVELOPMENT perspective.
  • From the REPOSITORIES view, expand your package structure and right-click on the BOOKSTORE subpackage created, which will open up the context menu.
  • Select NEW PROJECT… options to create a new project.
  • In the NEW PROJECT dialog box, open SAP HANA folder and select XS as project type.
  • The NEW XS PROJECT dialog box will open.
  • After all necessary settings are in place, click the FINISH button to create the project.


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