SES 10: Working with SAP HANA Tools & Eclipse

When developing SAP HANA XS applications, you have option in development environments to either use Eclipse IDE or SAP HANA web-based development workbench. In order to be able to connect to SAP HANA instances and create SAP HANA development artifacts in Eclipse, you should install a series of plug-ins, which are called SAP HANA Tools. The SAP HANA Tools plug-ins can be installed onto a predefined Eclipse instance or to a new Eclipse installation.

When performing SAP HANA development in the cloud, you should install SAP HANA tolls along with SAP HCP tools and other SAP HCP plug-ins so that all the necessary cloud-based functions are present in one place, thus making it easy for the user to access them.


If you have developed on SAP HANA platform before, then you’d know about SAP HANA Studio. The SAP HANA Studio is a prepackaged Eclipse installation which includes the SAP HANA tools by default.

If you have SAP HANA Studio installed on your system, then you can use it for Eclipse IDE instance. The Eclipse instance based on the assumption that SAP HCP would prefer to work in the same IDE used for the rest of their SAP HCP development.

Connection to a Remote SAP HANA Instance

Whether it is a customer instance or a trial instance, the procedure remains the same, which is:

  • Switch to SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION CONSOLE in the Eclipse.
  • In the SYSTEMS view, right-click on the whitespace and select ADD CLOUD SYSTEM menu option.
  • You’ll be prompted with the ADD SAP HANA CLOUD PLATFORM SYSTEM dialog box. Plug in the correct LANDSCAPE HOST, ACCOUNT NAME and logon credentials to connect to the target SAP HANA instance.
  • Click on the button NEXT > to continue.
  • Now select the trial instance you created.
  • Confirm the selection by clicking on FINISH button.
  • Finally, the Eclipse will connect to the remote SAP HANA instance and create a system node below the SYSTEMS VIEW.


Once a system connection if established or set up, you can expand the newly created system node and browse through all the content available in the remote SAP HANA repository.

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