SES 11: ABAP Frontend Roles

SAP Fiori Launchpad is the entry point to all SAP Fiori apps. For users to access the apps, certain business user rights need to be assigned to them. SAP delivers standard technical content for specific app, about which you can get details from the apps reference library.

Apps/Tiles are assigned to catalogs and then catalogs and users are assigned to roles. Therefore, when a user logs into SAP Fiori Launchpad, it will display certain apps, depending on what roles the user is assigned. The PFCG role for business catalog provides access to a sample of relevant apps for specific business users.

ABAP Backend Roles

SAP delivers backend role for all the apps. These backend roles include references to the corresponding OData services which are required to run the apps.

Implementing Fact Sheet Apps

The fact sheet apps in SAP Fiori display contextual information and key facts on central objects use din business operations. The fact sheet apps can be called from SAP Fiori Launchpad or from any other types of apps. Fact sheet apps must run only on SAP HANA database and directly access search engines on the backend server via INA search protocol. These apps require a reverse proxy and display data from SAP HANA database through search models.

Configuration of Fact Sheet Apps

I’d like to sum-up the configuration tasks for fact sheet apps:

  • Activate SAPUI5 component
  • Activate OData services for SAPUI5 applications in SAP Gateway
  • Assign an ABAP backend role to the user
  • Create search connectors and index search connectors

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Creating Search Connectors

Let’s dig deep with connectors. The SAP Fiori Fact Sheet apps are based on search models. Search connectors must be created for underlying search models, to enable the use of fact sheet apps.

A Connector is the runtime object corresponding to the search model. Connector is system-specific and client-specific object which is created in transaction ESH_COCKPIT. Most data displayed in fact sheet apps come from search models which is transferred to frontend server using OData services. When activating a search model, a search connector is created.

The fact sheet apps read business data via search connectors from database. Thus, creation of search connectors is a prerequisite to using the fact sheet apps. The authorizations required to create search connectors, are: SAP_ESH_SEARCH and SAP_ESH_LOCAL_ADMIN.

How to create connectors manually?

The Connector Administrator Cockpit is the central point to regulate and manage search object connectors and to access regulating and administration tools. Thus, the steps to create connectors manually, are as follows:

  • Launch Embedded Search Administration Cockpit in the browser using http://<host_name&gt;:<port_number>/sap/es/cockpit. Here, the <host_name> stands for the host and the <port_number> stands for the port used to reach ABAP system.
  • Click CREATE.
  • Choose software component that provides required models.
  • Select required models that you wish to use with embedded search.
  • Now a background job is created to create search connector. You can monitor in transaction SM37, where you’ll find job with name ESH_<your client>_C_<unique code>. If you see models being grayed out, that means your search connectors are created.


Models can reference other models. In such case, the system creates more than one connector in the administration cockpit. Although, you can choose only one connector model.

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