SES 8: User Authorizations & Management

The two basic processes involved in providing access in SAP Fiori, are:

  • Authentication Process: Proves that users are allowed to access servers.
  • Authorization Process: Determines whether the user logged in, has access to a specific app or a specific action.

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Before diving into authorizations, let’s learn about user management. Shall we?

User Management

Many user management tools are provided for both SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and SAP NetWeaver AS Java. So, you can use following transaction codes to work with user management in SAP Fiori:

  • Transaction SU01 – User Maintenance (User Management for AS ABAP)
  • Transaction PFCG – Profile Generator (to assign authorizations and create roles for users).

For user management, user names must be the same in both ABAP system and SAP HANA database. If you’re implementing all types of apps, make sure that the user name complies with the stricter restriction rules from HANA. If your deployment is embedded, it is not always necessary to create users is an additional system. You can use Central User Administration (CUA) to synchronize users in frontend and backend systems to ensure that the user names match.

User Authorization

SAP Fiori Launchpad is the entry point for all SAP Fiori apps. After user are authenticated, they can access those SAP Fiori apps that have been assigned by an administrator to the catalog for that user’s role.

SAP delivers business roles for users of SAP Fiori apps. Every business role gives access to a sample of apps relevant for specific business users.

SAP Gateway

Post the authorization of the user in SAP Fiori Launchpad, it’s time to give access run/start OData services. The SAP Gateway-level authorization is used to setup authorizations to start OData services to run any app.

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